HighFlying Productions Limited are aerial filming and photography specialists that have been granted permission to fly in the UK by the Civil Aviation Authority. We are fully insured and all of our pilots have RPQ-s qualifications and have over 20 years of experience in film, TV and Advertising. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to achieve beautiful, stable and high quality film or photos from 3 feet to 400 feet. 

HighFlying also offer filming services on the ground as we do not limit ourselves to the air! Contact us for more details.

What we do:

  • Promotional Filming in the air or on the ground
  • Real Estate Promos
  • 3D Mapping – Photogrammetry
  • Building Surveys
  • Sports and Events Filming
  • Agricultural Surveys
  • Steady cams and gimbals for filming on the ground and in the air
  • Personalised and Framed Aerial Photographs
  • Full editing services
  • Much, much more! Contact us now!

"Highflying Productions supplied us with drone footage over Thurrock which I was happy to include in a package we broadcast in the run-up to the General Election. I was most impressed with the clarity and steadiness of the shots."

Brendan McGowan, ITV London News

Our Services


Whether it is trying to sell your home or getting photos of that special day, we offer a broad range of beautiful aerial photographs


Beautiful 4K filming from 3 feet to 400 feet of your home, your landscape, your event, your project or your life’s work or just those places your ladder cannot reach. We have you covered.


We can provide 3D Mapping for landscape, buildings, etc in formats for you to import into popular 3D applications


We have a full in house editing studio that can provide that polished look ready for YouTube, Vimeo or your own website

Our Films

Our Showreel

VW Golf

Magic Trailer

Autumn Scenes

Deep South

House Build

David Jarre

Exciter Ride

Tennis Club Promo

Ford Focus ST3

Wedding Cars Promo

Canada Lake

Inside Church


Framed photographs of all of our work is available for sale. We are also very happy to take commissions for a one of a kind aerial photograph. Contact us for details.

Drone Mapping


ighFlying completed an aerial map for one of our clients that wanted an aerial survey of a housing development in Kent. The area in green in the picture below is the 2D area that was mapped by the UAV (drone). Our UAV flew multiple missions to gather hundreds of photographs and GPS data from various altitudes and angles in order to accurately create the final product. The data was then uploaded to our software and aligned and analysed in order to create various visual reference points. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 08.57.32 Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 08.59.26


The first output is the 2D map which is a stitch of all the top down photographic data and allows for much better detail than Google maps which it is overlaid on. You can see the car above which allows for much more detail than regular satellite imagery.

Navigate the 2D map below to see yet another example. Click to the + to zoom in or click and drag mouse to navigate around the map

See more examples and information about our 3D Drone Mapping Service.


Working On Your Project

This is the first step of the process, which will usually be conducted through emails and phone conversations between High Flying Productions and you. We will obtain from you information about your project, dates, location and aims.  We should then be able to carry out some initial research to ensure that the location is within a safe to fly area and that your proposed dates can be met.
In order to ensure that your project runs smoothly and that it also meets our safety requirements, High Flying Production staff will carry out a site survey and risk assessment at the location. If not possible to do an onsite survey then various software will be used to identify any risks.
At this stage, High Flying Productions shall provide you with a written quote. Once we have received a 25% down payment from you, we shall book your project start date.

"OSG have made HighFlying a regular part of our delivery to clients. They provide 3D mapping and line of sight reports for our planning permissions and client modelling. Wonderful stuff & great guys."

Keith Owen, Director, OSG Architecture

Rates & Availability

Our Rates

At High Flying Productions, we recognise that every job is unique – including yours. There are always many different variables to factor in, depending on what you need from us and what we need for it to happen. So, once we have been fully briefed on your project, we shall provide you with a bespoke written quotation, tailor-made to your specific requirements.  If you are visiting our site for a ball park figure, then here is a (very!) rough guide to our prices:


When it comes to travel expenses, jobs within the UK are billed at 45p per mile, while billing for accommodation (if required) will be discussed and agreed with you beforehand.

We require a 25% deposit, with the remainder to be paid upon your receipt of the product.

Do feel free to contact us to discuss our rates in more detail.

Availability and Booking

The unpredictability of our climate can put some restraints on our work, which means that we have to be as flexible as possible.  This can mean last-minute cancellations, but equally it can mean last-minute bookings.

If the weather is not appropriate for aerial filming, we will not charge you if we can re-arrange the shoot for another time or another day. In this case, your 25% deposit will be transferred to the new shooting time / day.

However, if you cancel a shoot (whether for reasons of inclement weather or otherwise), and that shoot is not re-scheduled, then the deposit will not be refunded, unless agreed beforehand. On a similar note, you will have to meet any additional costs that have been incurred.

Photos/Video for showreel

At High Flying Productions, we are incredibly proud of the work we do – and therefore we want to promote that work, by putting it on our showreel and publishing it on the web (subject to your agreement).  Do let us know prior to filming commencing if this is not agreed.

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Wye, Ashford, Kent

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Although High Flying Productions operates all over the UK, our home is in Wye, Kent which is outside of Ashford in South East England.